December 2017

The Demons Series is BACK!

Spirits Smirits Book Cover

Ready or not … The Demons Series is back!  Spirits Smirits is on its way!

Addison Jo (AJ) Mattox, ex-cop turned super-spirit-infused demon hunter; Ashlyn Parker, an on-leave park ranger and AJ’s current love nugget; and Danny Whitefang, the rightful heir of AJ’s hunter’s spirit, know one thing for sure: they’d take demons over diapers any day. Unfortunately, they’re battling both at the moment. Because that’s what happens when you’re on the run with a kid fated to be the bringer of the world’s death and destruction and his, we’ll go with dirty mud flap of a mother, the Queen of Hell, who is sending legions of demons to retrieve him.

Exhausted after weeks of running, hiding, and endless fighting, the merry band of demon-hunting misfits hit a wall. Literally. A dark, malevolent, surging wall of insurmountable evil fog that snatches Baby Apocalypse aka Apoc from his protectors and steals him through a nearby hellgate.

AJ always knew there was more than a 50/50 chance that she would end up in hell—60/40, if the ultimate ticket taker was paying attention to the details that one night in Tulsa after a two-for-one tequila special shared with a set of twin trapeze artists. But what she hadn’t considered and had absolutely not added to her bucket list was that she would visit ground evil zero while she was still alive and kicking (ass). But hey, what’s the worst that could happen …