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Check out the fun I had with T.B. Markinson on iheartlesfic.com!  Oh, and spoiler alert, you can win some books. Follow the link below for your shot at winning the first 3 books in the Kanyon & Daylen Series.

But first, here’s a sample of my interview with T.B.


Before we begin, thanks so much for stopping by today for a chat.

Thanks for having me! I can’t believe you still invited me after reading the small print on my warning label. Just FYI – This is how bungee jumping and Hula-Hoop accidents happen. And bungee jumping while Hula-Hooping accidents happen. Rambling already. Sorry. But to be fair, you were warned.

In your bio it states you, and I’m quoting, discovered a talent for storytelling after drinking a cheap bottle of wine at a Christmas Party. Can you elaborate on this experience?

I also learned that night that I can’t limbo … at least not while drinking. Or breathing. Or possessing this very non-bendy human form. It was a give and take kind of night. I realized my gift of storytelling and the host of the evening realized never to put the 7-layer bean dip on a card table or ask me about my dating life.

The night started innocent enough.  You know the ones … the “What clothes should I wear? Why will my hair not behave? There’s a good chance an ex will be there, now I need to change, again, so I look hotter than when she broke up with me. Why did I eat the extra three slices of pizza because now my hot jeans don’t fit …” kind of nights.  *Fast-forward*  An entire bottle of Electric Reindeer wine (it was a Christmas Party – there was a theme – don’t judge me) happened and the dating and break-up stories began to flow. A crowd gathered and lots of laughs ensued.  And though I was fresh from a break-up, was well into the pathetic phase of post-relationship depression, the chuckles and laughs of my friends were (and still are) so incredibly healing.  And somewhere in the night, between the tales, a friend said “you need to write that sh** down”.  I left that party with a smile and with the crazy idea to write a book in an effort to try to make some other people laugh in a time they may need it …  And that, my friends, was how The U-haul Diary came to be.  *Bow. Close curtain.*

Your bio also mentions a cocktail napkin ending up in an inappropriate place … enquiring minds really want to know.

Yep. The morning after the illustrious Christmas Party, I woke up playing pillow partner with it.  It’s my 7th longest relationship.

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