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“Someone should really sue the overalls company for false
advertisement because they definitely weren’t over all of his “alls”.”

Me, The U-haul Diary

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“Back it up, sweat-o-potimus.”

Kanyon McKane, Close-up

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“This isn’t good; I thought we just got a toaster!”

Me, The U-haul Diary

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"Lives on the corner of Bor and Ing Streets, next to Uptight Park."

Blue, Close-Up

The following includes several selections from a variety of of K.B.’s books.  Check back often, as this page will be updated regularly with fresh content and giveaways.


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    I’d love to hear them.  I’m running out of ‘and then my mother’ stories to tell my therapist.



    ~Kanyon McKane, Close-up
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    Okay, ease up Sporty Spice.  Enough with the crushin’ cause you’re sooo not my type.



    ~Blue, Close-up
  • UHaul-Mock-SM

    That’s right, bit-ch-es, at least someone’s scoring in this stadium today!



    ~Loren, The U-haul Diary

  • Excuse me, Punky Brewster’s evil twin, I’m curious, is this the 3rd or 4th ring of hell?





    ~Blue, Fade-out

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