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Welcome to my newly redesigned website! Feel free to have a look around, check out my books, read a few chapters, but I should warn you the content contained is highly addictive. It may cause cramping in your sides and deep, crescent-shaped grooves to appear at the corners of your mouth. In some severe cases you might suffer from loss of breath. If you develop a rash—ahhhh yeah, that’s totally on you and you should probably reconsider your life choices. 

Stay tuned for more excitement (aka chaos) to come!

K.B. Draper

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Cuddle up with KB and 40 other authors during Valentine’s week. #kinky

Fall in love with I Heart Lesfic during Valentine’s week. Find KB Draper with more than 40 other authors offering discounts on over 60 books to help you find romance, whether it be sweet, funny, or scorching hot. Click here to check out this big bundle of love awesomeness.

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The Demons Series is BACK!

Ready or not … The Demons Series is back!  Spirits Smirits is on its way! Addison Jo (AJ) Mattox, ex-cop turned super-spirit-infused demon hunter; Ashlyn Parker, an on-leave park ranger and AJ’s current love nugget; and Danny Whitefang, the rightful heir of AJ’s hunter’s spirit, know one thing for...

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KB behaving-ish on

Check out the fun I had with T.B. Markinson on!  Oh, and spoiler alert, you can win some books. Follow the link below for your shot at winning the first 3 books in the Kanyon & Daylen Series. But first, here’s a sample of my interview with T.B....

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Highly Anticipated Stand-in: Take 3 Released

Who knew that retrieving sin-infused articles created by the ultimate bad guys would be the easy part of the Guardian and Seeker gig? Kanyon McKane is a good actress. A skill only made better by practice. Something that she’s been doing a lot of on and off set since...

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Available now in paperback and ebook!

The U-haul Diary

What do you get if you add twelve ex-girlfriends, four overly involved friends, glow-in-the-dark body paint, a lesbian nemesis, a stripper pole, a casino surveillance tape, a three legged cat, the restroom at the Astrodome, the restroom at the local lesbian bar, the restroom at the sheriff’s department, Jesus’ gay boyfriend, Bigfoot, and a near-death experience with an appropriately attached life changing lesson? The U-haul Diary –aka the comedic story of my unsuccessful dating life. I hope you learn a little and laugh A LOT!

Available now in paperback and ebook!

Wrought with equal parts humor and cynicism, Draper captures the toil and trouble of all romantic relationships, gay and straight, as she flawlessly flies from page to page inserting valuable life advice amongst side-splitting regaling’s of true-life dating disasters.
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Jen Harris

The Kanyon & Daylen Series

Where do the supernatural bad guys go to use their sin-infused articles to make another play for world domination?  Hollywood, duh. Lucky for the world, there just so happens to be two out-of-work, ex TV superheroes with a secret destiny to keep the bad guys from succeeding. What should have been a brief appearance at a Comic-Con ends in a drunken discovery that central casting for the ultimate Good Side decided to select them as real-life superheroes. Together in a will they, won’t they, oohhh no they didn’t relationship, the two will discover the true roles they are destined to play and that the bond between them could not only save themselves, but the world.

Loved this book and can't wait for the next in this series. I truly love how you not only find yourself intrigued by the main characters, but by all of them. I also love the way K.B puts in her own sense of humor into everything she writes. This book is full of suspense, twists and turns and a real connection between the two women.
Amazon Customer

The Demons Series

Most people come home with a window sticker, a shot glass, or a bottle opener cleverly disguised as a key chain from their summer vacations, not Addison Jo Maddox (a.k.a. AJ, if you want to keep your front teeth). Nope, instead of hitting a three-for-ten T-shirt shop like a good tourist, AJ drunkenly stumbled into a sacred Native American Indian ritual and accidentally inherited an ancient hunter spirit.

Now AJ, the hunter spirit, whom she lovingly named Norm, and Danny, Norm’s rightful heir, wander the country fighting demons that escape from Hell to enjoy this world’s lavish all-you-can-eat soul buffet.

Can't wait for the next book. Seriously best I have read in a LONG time. If you like your Shannon Meyer with a side of lesbians and a whole lot more rude humor, you're in for a treat!
Amazon Customer