The U-haul Diary on MyLesbianRadio!

Denise Warner-Gregory of the Lesbian Lounge shout out to KB Draper and The U-haul Diary on MyLesbianRadio!  Check out her podcasts.

What a surprise for you ladies! By now, you’ve heard us talking about the Amazon Prime TV pilot “Salem Rogers” and Denise’s obsession pays off – with a call from the series creator & writer Lindsey Stoddart and the star of it Leslie Bibb (“Popular”, “GCB”, “About A Boy”, “Talladega Nights”) – that’s a correct- an exclusive, candid, totally fun hour long conversation with the girls! But first- a super charged show with Shout outs, news, new music from with a very familiar (FREE download) remix that you’ll love! A “Getting to Know You” listener challenge – you can play along at home-just email us your answers of the Top 5 questions to Plus a very cool site for hilarious book by KB Draper called “The U-Haul Diary” at  and some US and UK events before launching into “An Hour with the Ladies of Salem Rogers- Model of The Year 1998” – watch it, 5 star it, write a #DrunkReview and you can all thank me later.

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