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The Lesbian Review

The U-haul Diary by KB Draper made me laugh out loud several times while I was reading it. This is a funny, quirky look at the love life of K. B. Draper.

The U-haul Diary centres around the author’s girlfriend’s throughout the years, starting in university when her Sapphic desires are awakened by girlfriend number one, Sabrina. One of the strongest things about this book is the cast of characters. There are many new girlfriends and friend introduced throughout the book, each one is very unique and memorable. KB  Draper is really good at getting the essence of a person down in prose, especially the crazy ones.

The writing style is similar to a memoir or autobiography and a tour of KB Draper’s mind which often likes to go off on a tangent. In some ways the writing reminds me a little of Whoopi Goldberg’s autobiography, very direct, funny and at times self deprecating.

A quirky, fun, light read that you can get through in a weekend. It will also make you look at your own love life and make you super happy that you aren’t stuck with a Loren, Sabrina or Kellie.

For people with a very linear thought process the tangential outbursts might be frustrating to read.

I enjoyed the U-haul Diary, even though it was very different from the books I normally read. I loved the quirkiness of the book and would recommend it for anyone who likes a little quirk in their books.

Excerpt from The U-haul Diary

“I lined up the shot in anticipation of her rounding the table and positioning herself behind me to correct my form, when instead she just simply stood behind the hole and leaned over. It was then that I developed a new appreciation for low cut, V-neck sweaters. She ran her finger down between her breasts and smoothly said, “Now, just aim the ball right here.”

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